Ask me if you want to tell me something!   ✝Justin ☆ Demi ☆ 1D ☆ Selena ☆ Ariana ☆ LM ☆ Janoskians ☆ 5sos✝ 04.08.2013 : saw my bby Justin at the BT | 07.04.14 : WWAT.

Justin is my king, my life-saver, my heroe.


i love it when liam’s boxing and his hair gets all floppy 




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ok but give young teenagers proper credit because i remember being 14 and having swag and whatever but i also remember my 14 year old self crying to sleep every night and hoping i’d wake up dead.. honestly shout out to those people who are very very young and are dealing with really shitty situations and want to die but wake up every day like congrats dude you’re doing it

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